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High Fashion Corset
A touch of intricacy's lace,
Spain's flavors, corset's hips-hugged grace,
Exceeding smallness of print's form,
Pale skin, quoined entrance, hints of warm...
Sardonic pose, sans all emotion,
Face of a cynic spurning ocean,
Burlesque, half-gothic, half past feeling
Is tinge of this exotic reeling...
-- Silver Rajah of Sophiastan
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I have not changed
... I have not changed
In this world's dream
Of insincerity book's ream,
Of ways to gall, entrap, distort...
With mad charade I would not sport!
... I have not changed
Chameleon's reject I hues
Among pretensions' realms obtuse,
The would be clutters of thin strife,
Americana-gilded life,
Well-wishing fakes as booth-found tans,
Pragmatic smiles and chants of pens,
Pill-puffed-up muscles, moneyed worth...
Greed-animation oozing forth...
... I have not changed
Girl-animated valley arts --
Six 'likes' to every sentence darts... ,
In glamour portraits mere nudes
Exhibit contents of the bruits... ,
Hoards of neanderthals of feeling
In every niche and cranny reeling... --
Oh what a world to which true form
Should neither cling nor soul-conform!
... I have not changed!
-- Silver Rajah of Sophiastan
[Am turning into a song writer? -- ouch]
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Be What You Dream
So long as you enjoy your dream,
Your song, Your journey, Your extreme,
Be it blank verse, or rhyming pleasure,
Fine song, right herd, detachment's leisure...
Philosophy or critic's pen,
Italian cuisine, love's span
Or any other that is real
To You, and gland of your Pineal, --
All shall be well, of sense acquit,
Days will be prosperous and lit...
The upper class... is children's grass,
Most wealth, as health, is rather free
Be what you dream when as a tree
Firm planting roots outside the stress...
Silver Rajah of Sophiastan
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Unkind menkind
Unkind menkind (and women's hoards of skirts)
Mind-crippled 's bound by sickiatric tools...,
National product global to enhance
(Itself a fiction, a placebo's spawn!)?
What novel glean of post-Homeric world
Where new heroes wield straightjacketing of minds,
True verse replacing with ill-rhyming prose
Arranged by DSMs in couplets of disease...
Exuding form mind-habitats to dim
The powerful, professionals of 'know',
Establishment's far from heroic pons
Inertia spawn of what be thought as norm...
-- Silver Rajah of Sophiastan
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WITH CUSPS AND FUSION... OFF THE CHART chaotic space of color
Embi-cile from the parlor
Of the god of hue and fractals,
Friend of fiends and pterodactyls,
Came to life upon a screen,
Grasped itself past splendor's sheen
To a sentience behind form,
Even if sans uniform...,
And in brazen lumens' art
Spilled its essence life to start --
Streams of particles in motion
Signifying vast emotion
Of the mind behind the fusion
Of mis-shapen spread's illusion
Of some man enabled meaning...
When its own 'head' was but spinning
With zany glory of the spatter,
Line and flow of rainbow's matter...
Thus the ghost behind the light,
In fluorescence found delight
And opined to meet each nook
From which he's looked at, minds to cook :)
I hope this psychedelic stream
Aligns with your transcendent dream,
And fancy, when he does come home
(The Embi-cile of your Nome),
He'll speak respectfully of meeting
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Fine poem speaks in many ways...
Fine poem speaks in many ways
To make soul whole, transpierce with rays
Of interlacing scents of verse –
Of rhyme and rhythm, sense and course,
Allusion to what was and is,
What could be…, resonance of trees
Of man-mind forest seized by fusion
Profound and moving past confusion,
Impressing a unique alliance
Of form and substance to a faience
In an engraving feelings-true,
Which is an art-form through and through…
Many a man-tree pierced with words
Of poem’s gale of sooth and cords
Will form a private world’s domain
With its rendition, flight and grain,
And image, in emotions clad,
A flow of seeing pleasing had,
A clinging, natural traverse,
Uniquely reveling discourse…
Endued with resonance potential,
The poem pleases in duration,
Invokes deep timbres’ celebration
In sundry seas of Existential…
Though no two minds are quite the same,
And pasts’ long weaves can utter distance
Between men’s different minds’ consistence,
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In those muddy Middle ages
Silks were folded as thin pages,
Collars to invoke fields' flowers
Faces to endow with powers,
Adding contrast, texture, form
To the head-buds as a norm,
Short lived beauty's nature art
To enhance with flora's mart,
So that each, as flower child,
Bear scent aesthetic, mild,
Fit for gardens of the gods,
Not bipedal monkeys' muds...
Artifice of fashion's hand
Can uplift and lifestyle mend,
Cause more civil interactions,
Self-reflections, whispered factions
To spring forth by sublimation
Of life's verdant vibes' narration...
Associations stir to thought,
And that, when rightly perked, to ought
In ways to civilize one's being,
Appreciation, Others seeing...
-- Silver Rajah of Sophiastan
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Two cops appeared, a world died...
   A fool must now and then be right, by chance.
   William Cowper , "Conversation"
This is trivially right;
Now and then, against all odds,
Even parrots’ man-speech buds
Sound profound, not least bit trite…
So cops, as prejudiced to crime
When nitwits call some bothers squawking,
Are ready souls to bleed and grime;
But once a year have a stalking…
A thousand times, however, reaching...,
Trespass, bother and abuse,
Civil rights and peace refuse,
Paranoia’s rudeness stitching
On the fiber of plain life…
Empowered to harass with strife,
Accuse and ban, interrogate,
Lie, misinterpret and frustrate...
Few days ago came for a movie
Played at the Union’s free show,
Old Kipling’s Jungle Book in flow
Of human jungle, Disney-groovy.
Awaiting starting of the feature,
As literate and able teacher,
Asked for permission to converse,
Exchange of wisdom to endorse…
With lady student also waiting,
Alone, with digital toy sating.
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Encountered Pastoral I Nude
Brutal honesty of form:
Hay has never seemed so warm,
So antithetical to stress,
So well aligned with ethnic dress,
So right as background close and far
For nature's anthro-fem-guitar,
So proper as reminder's thread
Of tummy nurtured by its bread ...
No, not by food of mouth alone
Man plies from soil life high flown --
Perusing beauty, shapes, nuances
We find soul-sustenance and chances
To self-express, relate, enchant,
Find sublimation, minds to tent
In art of harvested duration
Of youth's eternal celebration ...
-- Silver Rajah of Sophiastan
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Kudos for Amelia...
Romantic ears, charming pants,
Eyes scathing, shelling hearts with dents...
Fine crescent brows, half-parted lips,
Youth -- casual to finger tips...
I like her natural appeal,
No heavy make-up, pleasant feel,
Fine turtle-neck, attentive pose...
I would bestow her with a rose...
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From Thailand, or perhaps Ukraine
From Thailand, or perhaps Ukraine,
With inner simmering's restrain...
Comes pretty model oozing light
Of youthful features to delight...
Exceptional as nature formed,
Of countenance unhurried, warmed
With dreamy travels of the mind
Which lens most skillfully opined -- :)
Ah molodost' -- Tam byl I ya,
Takie chydnye kraya,
Naivnost' i nadezhdy ten'...
Kto znayet chto nesyot nam den'
Gryaduschii, polnyi novyh litz,
I zhizni kaverznyh stranitz...
... kluchitsy -- nezhnosti pristan'ye,
volny volos i gyb dyhanie,
glaza stremyaschiesya k chydy...
v portrete etom videt' bydy
-- Silver Rajah of Sophiastan
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When passive-aggressive
Acts out to be charming,
Ostensibly pleased…,
Inside brews progressive
And anger possessive
Accreting, alarming
Hostility… squeezed.
As magma volcanic
For sick-mind’s mechanic
Is anger-retentive’s aggression to vent…
Least bit provocation’s
Imagined narrations
Will turn seeming friend to an enemy’s tent…
Then, passive-aggressive,
Does suddenly stab you to hilt in the back,
Concocting deep malice
In own mind’s sick palace,
Volcano exploding -- crazed, violent, black…
-- Silver Rajah of Sophiastan
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On the verge of yestermorrow
On the verge of yestermorrow
I’ve decided what to harrow,
What to seed, which aims to cleave,
The insanities to leave,
The inanities to shed,
Best phantasies to love and wed…
With no control of days’ succession,
Though true to my internal fashion,
I know my need and feel collusion
Of trespass, bastardly illusion,
Sick automation, aped thought’s flight,
Profaned emotion, faked delight…,
And keep to compass of my thirst,
Regardless of what world endorsed
Or demons whispered to my soul,
My self and purpose to annul…
The future looms grey past’s re-hashing,
With hopeless sameness blighting, lashing… –
Same shallow strivings of the masses,
Same life-spans, cravings, dins and stresses…,
Same automation, vane-spun dreams,
Same dirt, sensations, and extremes…
Same flow of callow generations
Expressing numbers, perorations,
Jejune flirtations with Great Myth,
Historic lacking substance, pith…
Inept to love, too quick to fau
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The Poet Opens To Young Lady
The Pure One, having had a shower,
Proceeded rhyming in full power,
And, having thought of what he is,
Discerning forests from the trees...,
Opined himself a god-like man
Who lives by feeling and his pen...,
A heart of love, a mind of reason...
Soul young and resonant to season,
In love with nature -- oceans, woods...,
Possessed of wistful somber moods,
Great sense of humor, full of wit,
Gregarious, though quite discreet,
In love with learning long and wide,
In search of genuine ways' stride,
A soul of music, life-love passion,
Thinks high of beauty and compassion,
Strong perseverance, earnest speech,
True friends..., and scratching when in itch!
The last, is just to make you smile,
And think of Sound of Music pile... --
The bee that stings, hole in the mitt...,
Your new-found friend, whose rhymes are lit...
* P.S. :
"My Favorite Things
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of m
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A swarthy beaut of parted lips...
Swarthy beaut of parted lips –
Four beauty marks her face love-keeps,
Smooth-textured skin and keen sloe eyes
Of cautions, penetrating plies…
Fine eyebrows’ gently curving flight,
Dark-brownish hair of delight,
Attentive ear of a cat... –
I do believe, she is all that!
-- Silver Rajah of Sophiastan
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The corset princess is a rose...
Atomizer, see-through gloves,
Perfect hair, skin of doves...
Tiny waist and shapely hips,
Flowery aroma's grips...,
Evening make-up, leisured pose...--
The corset princess is a rose...
-- Silver Rajah of Sophiastan
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My faves betimes are bookmarked thrash,
Links to my comments, censure's splash,
Else, links to friends' sound-crafted art
Intended compliments to dart... 

Though 'favorites' is DA's label,
They are but Bookmarks, drop the fable!
Unless you grasp what I had meant,
Do not attribute content's dent,
YOUR predilection, dim lust's bothers,
Intentions mind-expressed of others...

Remember, of your wits detection
Is not some truth, but own reflection!
Unsure of what goes on in mine? --
Just ask, I'll share an opine....


Was born a demigod – Prometheus unbound,
Rebelled from midgets animating pidgins,
Both self and purpose ultimately found,
Live solitude of elevated regions…

-- Silver Rajah of Sophiastan


Поэты ходят пятками по лезвию ножа
И режут в кровь свои босые души.

-- Владимир Высоцкий


С ума схожу. Иль восхожу
к высокой степени безумства.

-- Белла Ахмадулина
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